Сontainer shipping

With a constantly growing brand of container shipping, we are optimistic about the future and make significant investments, increasing our technical capabilities.
We carry out container transportations on our own platforms and platforms of our customers with their equipment, including highways and waterways. We have extensive experience in the transportation of tank containers with the provision of service support and storage in transit terminals. Delivery of containers is carried out both by sea lines and by river, as well as on road and railway platforms with their delivery anywhere in the world to the recipient’s door under the brand “multimodal transportation”.

Multimodal transportation is the combined transportation of your goods under one contract, but performed by at least two modes of transport, in which we are responsible for the entire transportation, even if this transportation is performed by different modes of transport (for example: rail, sea and road).

The effectiveness of multimodal transportation consists in using the advantages of each type of transport on the segment of transportation, while the criteria for efficiency can be not only the cost of delivery, but also the speed and accuracy of delivery.

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