Customs services in the Russian Federation

The interests of Fast Train in the Russian Federation are represented by FT Logistic LLC, St. Petersburg. The company “Mohikom +” carries out operations for the reception of goods / containers, followed by customs clearance and delivery to the client’s door. Cargoes are consolidated in the ports of the Baltic States in the free economic zone or in border terminals at customs clearance stations: Pskov or Kingisepp. The convenience of the location of these terminals in the border areas has a number of very important advantages: inexpensive and high-quality warehouse services make it possible to distribute goods without consolidation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which optimizes the costs of the cargo owner for storage of goods and reduces the time of their delivery from the moment of their order to the recipient.
We also provide the following services:

  • organization of supply of wagons, platforms;
  • reloading to / from cars, to / from wagons;
  • loading at terminals;
  • storage of cargo in port terminals;

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